Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Word for Word: Episode 53

יֹ֥ום הַשִּׁשִּֽׁי
The sixth day
The sixth day was for the "world" of mankind. The animals were there as companions and the plants were for food. The deep waters of the sea were a mystery left for modern explorers to uncover.
The word שִּׁשִּֽׁי (shishshiy sixth) comes from the cardinal number שֵׁשׁ (shesh six), which in turn comes from the verb שׂוּשׂ (süs) which means "to rejoice". It seems that since the hand has five fingers, one of the most primitive numbers indicated abundance. This aligns with the message of the last creation day.
The words new to the reader follow:
[behemah] בְּהֵמָה , livestock, cattle.
[adam] אָדָ֛ם , man, mankind, Adam
[tselem] צֶלֶם , image, likeness
[dem·üth] דְּמוּת , likeness, similitude; from דָּמָה , to be like, similar
[zä·kär] זָכָר , male; from the verb זָכַר (zä·kar), to remember
[nĕqebah] נְקֵבָה , female; from נָקַב (naqab), to designate, appoint
[kabash] כָּבַשׁ ,to subject, subdue
['oklah] אָכְלָה , food; from אָכַל ('akal), to eat, consume
[m@`od] מְאֹד , mighty, mightily, greatly, very
[shishshiyשִׁשִּׁ sixth, from שֵׁש (shesh), six

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