Word for Word: Episode 21

יֹ֥ום אֶחָֽד

Day One
Among certain scholars there is discussion over what all is included in day one (אֶחָֽד 'echad). Some put the beginning in verse 1. Others follow the formula "And God said..." I lean toward the latter position.

The length of each creation day does not necessarily have to be equal until life appears. Therefore, the gathering and organization of the raw material may be undated and "timeless". This could have been close to instantaneous or limited by the laws of physics.

Furthermore, if the sphere of water was within time as we know it, it could have taken a decade or so to rotate before the second day began. This being miraculous in any account, God may have transcended the laws of physics. If this the case, the evidence is not in the text or nature.

Though God was everywhere, the account indicates a light and dark cycle, three days before the sun was there.

Today, three weeks in, is a good place to share the words we picked up since verse 2.

['amar] אָמַר to say, speak
[hayah] הָיָה to be, exist, become, happen
['owr] אוֹר light (n), to light (v)
[ra'ah] רָאָה to see, observe, consider
[tob] טוֹב pleasant, good, agreeable
[beyn] בֵּין between, out of, from
[badal] בָּדַל to divide, distinguish, separate
[qara'] קָרָא  to call, call out, recite, read, cry out, proclaim
[yom] יוֹם day(light), specified period of time; a rotational period
[layil] לַיִל night (darkness)
[`ereb] עֶרֶב evening, intermixed
[boqer] בֹּקֶר morning, dawn
['echod] אֶחָֽד one, first, (an)other


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