Word for Word: Episode 34

יֹ֥ום שְׁלִישִֽׁי

The Third Day

The primary root of the verb שָׁלַשׁ (shalash), translated "to do or be of a third part", may have originally meant "to intensify". However it always acts as a number in all its forms.

The Hebrew word for three is שָׁלוֹשׁ (shalosh). In its use in the language, the idea of fullness is clearly seen. Many of the sacrifices had to be three years old, Elijah had water poured out three times. The third day often indicates a limit, as if to call for patience.

On the third day the earth became fully suitable for habitation. Everything from this point on would be for the benefit of the inhabitants.

The words in this portion:

[`asah] עָשָׂה. To do, make, work, form

[raqiya`] רָקִיעַ. Expanse, firmament. Literally, that which is spread out (from the verb רָקַע).

[tavek] תָּוֶךְ, Within, among

[tachath] תַּחַת. Under

["asher] אֲשֶׁר. That, which, who

[sheni] שֵׁנִי. Two, second. From the verb שָׁנָה (to do again, change).

[qavah] קָוָה. To wait, look for, hope, expect; to collect, bind together.

[maqom] מָקוֹם. A place (to stand). From קוּם, to rise.

[yabbashah] יַבָּשָׁה. State of dryness, dry, dry ground, dry lamd

[yam] יָם. Sea, seaward. Plural, יַמִּ֑ים.

[dasha, deshe] דָּשָׁא (v); דֶּשֶׁא (n). To sprout, be green. A sprout, grass.

[`eseb] עֵשֶׂב. Grass, herb.

[zara`, zera`] זָרַע (v); זֶרַע (n). To sow, a seed

[min] מִין. Kind

[pĕri] פְּרִי. Fruit

[`ets] עֵץ. Tree

[shalash] שָׁלַשׁ. To intensify? To be or do a third part. Three, third


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